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A leading supplier of ventilation products to the residential and commercial construction markets.


Final Results For 12 Months To End July 2017 – Revenues up about 20% (14.5% CC), Profits, EPS and Dividend up about 10%. Seems to be pretty much in-line. The CEO states that the “new financial year has started well with organic growth ahead of that achieved in the same period in the prior year”.

Considered trading the break-out above 200p here but I don’t think this update warrants either action – A break-out or a subsequent participation.

19-Mar-2018 – 198.5p – £394.7m – PER 13.2

Interim Results For The 6 Months To End January 2018 – “Further progress with revenue growth of 11.6% and adjusted EPS up 8.3%”.

I know boring companies (like ones that make fans) are supposed to make solid investments. But, for me this really is just a boring company which I will not be investing in at present.

10-Aug-2018 – 199.5p – £403.7m – PER 12.8

Trading Update For The 6 Months To End July 2018 – Revenue up 11.3%, 4 acquisitions completed, FY in-line.

Just had a look at the latest broker note on Research Tree here and see that actual and forecast annual Revenue and EPS growth through to 2020 is below 10% each year. On a yield of 2% or so I guess this will remain range bound until something out of the ordinary happens. I am Neutral until I see evidence of that.

11-Oct-2018 – 180p – £358.0m – PER 11.3

Preliminary Results For The 12 Months To End July 2018 – Revenue up 11.1%, Reported PBT down from £17.9m to £16.7m (margins and exceptional costs blamed amongst other things). The Dividend is up 7% reflecting continued strength in the business (that’s no longer the responsibility of the PBT and EPS figures now then!).

Not enough here to change my view from Neutral.

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