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A global end-to-end mobile advertising platform which offers data-focused marketing solutions that drive execution and brand insight in mobile, leveraging video, native, and display to reach the users for every application, service, and brand.

4-Jan-2018 – 465p – £290.1m – PER 13.9

Trading Update For The Tear (To End December 2017) – In 2017, Revenue to be in-line, EBITDA to exceed expectations. In 2018 “confident of delivering solid year-on-year EBITDA growth for 2018 in line with market expectations”.

A lot going for it. It is an AIM listed company based in Israel which usually puts me off but I did 2 bag on XLM last year. Constantly tempted to get on board here and will keep it on my Watchlist, 380p.

26-Mar-2018 – 375p – £253.5m – PER 12.5

Interim Results For The 26 Weeks To End December 2017 – Revenue up 68% to $210.9m (2016: $125.9m), Gross Profit up 75% to $80.6m (2016: $46.0m), with improvement in Gross Margin to 38.2% (2016: 36.5%). The Final Dividend for 2017 will be $0.054 (2016: $0.0432). There’s Cash of $27.0m (30 June 2017: $32.6m). 2018 stronger than last year and in-line with market expectations.

Still like this AIM listed company based in Israel (which usually puts me off) but with a position in XLM I have avoided until now. Reckon if there’s a drop to 350p (30% off it’s all time high) I could take an opening position now (as my XLM position is now risk free, sold half after doubling up) – This is on my Watchlist now (410p). I actually reckon if this was not based in Israel I would already be long here.

4-Sep-2018 – 345p – £233.7m – PER 9.73

Interim Results For The 6 Months To End June 2018 – Revenue up 119.4% to $144.0m, Gross Profit up 126.4% to $58.5m, Interim dividend of $0.0398 versus nothing last year and Net Cash is $42.1m (31 December 2017: Net Debt of $4.0m). Expecting FY EBITDA to be ahead of market expectations – Looking to use Net Cash to potentially fund acquisitions.

Looks great but I just can’t change from Neutral here at the moment – Spidey senses or something. Will perhaps look into a little more to see if I can alleviate the tingles! (Thanks to Mr. Contrarian, he spots EPS is up just 12%, saves me time looking later).

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