Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM)

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A global specialist in products and technologies to “make plastic smarter”.

27-Oct-2017 – 12.75p – £19.3m – PER 127.5

Trading Update – The Board now expects revenues for the year to end December 2017 to be approximately £8m (£6.8m last time). PBT to be significantly higher than current market expectations (due to leverage) – Not less than £350,000 for the full year (£123,000 last time). Also hasCash in the bank of £317,000.

First time I have come across this company, below my £30m usual Market Cap limit (was a quiet news day) – And this update seems encouraging. Will keep an eye on it.

15-May-2018 – 33.75p – £51.3m – PER 77.2

Trading Statement – Revenue up 17%, increasing marketing budget by £375,000.

Although this is on an impressive ride at present, on a PER of 77.2 I will remain Neutral here for now.

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