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Operates a multi-branded strategy, using a combination of its proprietary and licensed software to provide online bingo and slot gaming and a social gaming mobile application.

21-Nov-2017 – 256p – £184.5m – PER 12.5

Audited Results For The Year To End August 2017 – “A transformational Year driven by strong growth in Real Money Gaming” – I can’t work out from this report if this is a good update or not, it’s just so confusing.

This is in the “too hard for me” pile for now.

1-Feb-2018 – 230.05p – £167.1m – PER 9.98

AGM Statement – “Positive trading momentum and continued strategic progress”, in-line with the Board’s expectations.

Not enough to get me interested at this stage, will wait for updates with figures.

23-May-2018 – 202p – £153.1m – PER 8.47

Interim Results For The 6 Months To End February 2018 – Revenue up 14% with Profit After Tax up 114%, Adjusted EPS down -7% and Basic Profit up 113% from -£15.3m to £2.0m.

Just way too confusing for me, I remain Neutral.

21-Nov-2018 – 125p – £94.8m – PER 6.83

Audited Results For The 12 Months To End August 2018 – Revenue up 8.7% with Loss of -£5m versus -£25m last time.

I was Neutral as this was in the “too confusing for me pile” – It’s now going on my Avoid list (easier shares out there for me to understand).

6-Feb-2019 – 102p – £77m – PER 6.4

AGM Statement And Trading Update – Trading broadly in-line against challenging conditions.

Remains on my Avoid list (easier shares out there for me to understand and have faith in).

Subsequent note: Takeover at 151p by Rang Group.

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