Standard Tech Screen


This is my Standard Tech Screen and it is loosely based on the principles laid out in the 2 books produced by Mark Minervini.

The basics of it are to invest in stocks where there is interest. To invest in stocks where the 52 Week High is 50% greater than the 52 Week Low AND where price is within 25% of that High. Confirmation of interest comes from the alignment of 3 Moving Averages (MA’s), the 50, 130 and 200 Day MA.

I am also interested in stocks that are established enough to have liquidity and interest, with plenty of room to grow. But, I am not interested in stocks that are too big that they don’t have room to, double or so, in a couple of years or so. For this reason I filter out stocks with a Market Cap below £30m and above £500m.

Certain sectors are just too complicated for me and some just don’t really fit my fundamental approach. For that reason I exclude stocks in the following Industry Groups…

  • Coal
  • Oil & Gas
  • Oil & Gas Related Equipment and Services
  • Renewable Energy
  • Uranium
  • Metals & Mining
  • Industrial Conglomerates
  • Holding Companies
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate Operations
  • Residential & Commercial REITs
  • Collective Investments

The Screen

Standard Tech ScreenThe above is a screen shot from my Stockopedia account.Stockopedia Banner Black