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30-Jan-2018 – 207p – £95.0m – PER 17.3

Trading Update For The 12 Months To End December 2017 – In-line and expecting 2018 to be atransformational year.

Seems like it’s turned a corner but for now I will not be getting involved.

23-Mar-2018 – 186.5p – £85.6m – PER 15.5

DA Termination Notice and Update re final results – Not sure what impact this will have but to me it doesn’t look too good. Results due to be published in March will now be delayed, no date given.

Well for some there was a bit of a red flag here, the FD left without very many kind words at the beginning of March. Perhaps this is update is why, perhaps not. Anyway, if I was in I would be looking to get out and as I am out I will not be looking to get in. As I mentioned, no idea of the impact here but looks like a major **** up to me.

15-May-2018 – 132.5p – £60.8m – PER 11.0

Final Results For The 12 Months To End December 2017 – Doesn’t look good at all.

I am staying well away for now.

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