Sell It To The City October 2021


With John Marriot, Rebecca Stewart, Ryan Rahimikia and Richard Crow.

With PI World on 15th October 2021.

Fund Managers – Andy Brough, Judith MacKenzie and Stephen English.

Stocks Featured – Brave Bison (#BBSN), Springfield Properties (#SPR), Transfer Wise (#WISE) and Creightons (#CRL).

Thanks to PI World (@tamzinpiworld) for making this content available – I recommend you create an account with PI World to ensure you never miss any content for any stocks you are interested in – It’s completely free here.

At the time of publication Andy Brough (@Andybrough5) works at Schroders.

At the time of publication Stephen works at Stellar Asset Management.

At the time of publication Judith MacKenzie works at Downing.

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