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One of Europe’s leading suppliers of subscription-based vehicle tracking systems, software and services.

12-Jan-2018 – 359p – £170.8m – PER 26.8

Trading Update For The 12 Months To End December 2017 – Revenue to be slightly ahead of market expectations, Profit expected to be moderately ahead. Look forward to 2018 with confidence.

Even slightly ahead results make this tricky for me to consider paying up for. I note 2016, 2017, 2018 (forecast) Revenue and Profit numbers are basically flat, EPS not much different. I just can’t pay a PER of 26.8 for this kind of “growth”.

26-Feb-2018 – 372p – £177.0m – PER 28.9

Audited Results For The 12 Months To End December 2017 – Revenue up by 5% to £24.5m (2016: £23.3m), PBT up 1% to £6.6m (2016: £6.5m), Diluted EPS down 4% to 12.21p (2016: 12.78p), Net Cash of £7.3m (£6.2m last time), Final Dividend of 11.1p proposed (2016: 9.0p).

OK the Net Cash is good (but nothing spectacular) and the Dividend increase is great (although it’s still only 3.5% or so). For me this is still on a crazy valuation given the actuals and forecasts. Maybe someone can point out what I’ve missed here!

27-Mar-2018 – 390p – £185.5m – PER 30.8

Trading Update – Looks like a bit of a warning that 2018 will be slightly worse than 2017 and 2019 will also be impacted.

Not sure this is going to go down well, I am remaining on the side-lines here.

2-Jul-2018 – 380p – £181.3m – PER 32.9

Trading Statement For The 6 Months To End June 2018 – Trading in-line, profits broadly in-line.

I remain on the side-lines here as, for me, this is just not good enough for a company on a PER of 30+.

25-Jul-2018 – 367p – £176.5m – PER 21.5

Interim Results For The 6 Months To End June 2018 – Revenue up 7% and in-line to meet FY expectations.

I remain on the side-lines here, still a little baffled why people are paying up here on a PER of 20 (perhaps I have missed something).

4-Dec-2018 – 240p – £114.7m – PER 21.0

Trading Update For The 10 Months To End October 2018 – Adjusted EBITDA likely to be ahead of market expectations.

EBITDA (so what!) – Anyway, I still don’t see the value here on a PER of 20+, perhaps I am missing something.

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