Parity PEG Price Reports – Mello May 2019 Special

PPPR 2019-05 Mello Special

Companies covered include…

AVAP – Avation
BKS – Beeks Financial Cloud
BOKU – Boku
CPP – CPPGroup
CREO – Creo Medical
CTO – T Clarke
CTP – Castleton Technology
DUKE – Duke Royalty
ESG – Eservglobal
IPX – Impax Asset Management
JDG – Judges Scientific
KBT – K3 Business Technology
MMH – Marshall Motor Holdings
NMRP – National Milk Records
OPG – OPG Power Ventures
PTRO – Pelatro
RBGP – Rosenblatt
SDI – Scientific Digital Imaging
SND – Sanderson
TPX – Panoply Holdings
ZOO – Zoo Digital
ZTF – Zotefoams

Mello May 2019

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  1. Interesting reading, as usual.

    * I find the CEO owning 60% of BKS rather offputting.
    * CTP is essentially Redstone reincarnated… which doesn’t provide much comfort.
    * I don’t understand the valuation of JDG considering the single-digit turnover growth.
    * I recently sold about half of my SDI holding, and will keep the other half and maybe add back in on weakness
    * SND is my largest holding. I am riding the wave at the mo, though I’m likely to sell at least half on any weakness; I think the historic business is fairly dull, but acquisitions are transforming the company. This is potentially one to trade though, they tend to rise quite a bit before/on results and then drift back.
    * I am watching WATR; Stocko views are mixed, but the growth is quite high and the price is currently under the recent placing price.