Parity PEG Price Reports – March 2019

PPPR 2019-03 March

Companies covered this month include…

AGL – Angle
BKS – Beeks Financial Cloud
BMY – Bloomsbury Publishing
CNIC – CentralNic
CTG – Christie Group
CTP – Castleton Technology
DOTD – DotDigital
DRV – Driver
DUKE – Duke Royalty
ELCO – Elecosoft
LGT – Lighthouse Group
LTG – Learning Technologies
MCL – Morses Club
MGP – Medica
OMG – Oxford Metrics
SBIZ – Simplybiz
SDI – Scientific Digital Imaging
SNX – Synectics
TEG – Ten Entertainment
UPGS – UP Global Sourcing Holdings

This guide explains the reasoning behind the Parity PEG Price Reports.

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  1. Thanks for making this report available. Comments/queries that I have on a few stocks are as follows:

    After the mild profit/revenue warning last month I would have to wait for signs of a turnaround before considering DRV.

    I am a bit cagey about the huge adjustments to the P&L for LTG, and also the lfl decline in Content & Services (although they indicate orders for Content in the last two quarters are promising).

    Although SBIZ is performing well, and is attractive on this basis, do you agree that the acquisition of Defaqto is somewhat expensive at 13-14 times EBITDA, especially considering this figure was up only 7% on the previous year?

    • Hi Andrea,

      You’re welcome, hope you find them useful.

      DRV – Tend to agree although I am reasonably happy holding for now due to the Spread.

      LTG – Not something I check so happy to hold for now until I see the next company or Broker update.

      SBIZ – Still seeing enough value here for that not to put me off.

      Thanks for your comment.