Parity PEG Price Reports – June 2019

PPPR 2019-06 June

Companies covered this month include…

ACC – Access Intelligence
AFHP – AFH Financial
ANX – Anexo
BOKU – Boku
BRY – Brady
CDM – Codemasters Group
EHG – Elegant Hotels
EKT – Elektron Technology
FDL – Findel
KAPE – Kape Tecnologies
MYX – Mycelx Technologies
NUM – Numis
PTRO – Pelatro
SOG – Statpro
TPT – Topps Tiles
VLX – Volex
VTU – Vertu Motors
WATR – Water Intelligence

This guide explains the reasoning behind the Parity PEG Price Reports.

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  1. I’ll comment only on those stocks that aroused some curiosity, and that haven’t come up in your recent reports:

    AFHP – the interims look cracking, and you’ll be very happy with the resultant rise. The 50 day MVA is still below 200 MVA, though the 15 day has now moved above.

    BOKU – the growth looks cracking here! The AGM update stated revenue will be at least 52m, which is a big increase… though short of Stocko’s 55m estimate.

    BRY – I see no attraction here, revenue growth is sluggish, they are a serial disappointer, and the chart is awful!!

    CDM – these look good, although mental calcs indicate to me h2 might me down a bit on h1. The price is up a lot today, in anticipation of Monday’s results… and I think it’d be a little risky to buy in anticipation….

    KAPE – I’ve looked at these before and they do seem to be good value…. BUT the market doesn’t agree with us, with a very poor chart with all MVAs dropping; I’m not clever / brave enough to buy on this basis

    MYX – the astronomical growth looks attractive and the valuation looks modest. The things I don’t understand why the valuation is so modest, and particularly why the trade in shares is so sporadic… which does not help the mva chart.

    PCF – I’m happy to continue holding after the recent results ; I don’t understand why the valuation is quite so low

    SOG – having read comments about their product being nothing special, I wouldn’t invest.

    VLX – happy to hold… thank you 🙂