Parity PEG Price Reports – April 2019

PPPR 2019-03 April

Companies covered this month include…

AUG – Augean
CTO – T Clarke
FRAN – Franchise Brands
IGR – IG Design
KAPE – Kape Tecnologies
MCL – Morses Club
MGR – Miton
RFX – Ramsdens Holdings
SBIZ – Simplybiz
SND – Sanderson
SOG – Statpro
SOM – Somero Enterprises
SPE – Sopheon
SPSY – Spectra Systems
TEG – Ten Entertainment
TUNE – Focusrite
VLX – Volex
WATR – Water Intelligence
XPD – Xpediator

This guide explains the reasoning behind the Parity PEG Price Reports.

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  1. I hold OPM and have been disappointed in the share price performance. I notice that growth seems to have slowed quite a bit comparing the interims with the last final results, but perhaps that is due to previous acquisitions. A sale of over 47000 shares by chief of marketing doesn’t look great 🙁

    I also hold SND and I would be disappointed if the eps growth this year was only 6.6%. My own view is that the acquisition of Anisa has transformed them, and the AGM statement indicating 20% revenue and profit growth bodes well. But I am too frequently wrong.

    I see the price of SOM is already down well over 10% since their final results, though presumably largely due to the placing of shares by the CEO who is allegedly obliged to do this owing to his pension plan rules. They repeatedly fail to deliver the prospects of growth in China, though perhaps India will be more promising.

    I would love to know where the broker forecasts for TEG come from, to me they look absurd considering the last pedestrian update.

    I have recently bought VLX as I believe the turnaround has finally happened and prospects appear rosy.

    • Hi Andrea,

      OPM – Yes, I am a little foxed by the lack of interest in this one – I still hold.

      SND – I sold out here even though I tend to agree with your thoughts, again another one which seems to not attract much interest.

      SOM – I understand the interest here but based on forecasts I just can’t bring myself to get involved.

      TEG – Yes, I don’t get those forecasts either hence my decision to exit.

      VLX – Happy to hold.

      Thanks again for your comment as always.