Morning Brief – 9-Oct-2018

Morning Brief Images 9-Oct-2018

UK Stock Market News Today – 9-Oct-2018

Morning all!

Kin And Carta (KCT) – 101p – £156.4m – PER 9.74

Preliminary Results For The 53 Weeks To 3rd August 2018 – Revenue up 9% from continuing operations (11% CC), Adjusted PBT up 38%, Net Debt down 50% to £26.0m and the Pension scheme now in small surplus of £1.9m (2017: deficit of £16.0m). So far, trading this year has been in-line with expectations.

This looks more interesting and although I remain Neutral for now I think I will have a closer look – Can’t decide if Kin And Carta is a better name than St Ives or not!

MySale (MYSL) – 49.45p – £72.5m – PER 23.4

Preliminary Results For The 12 Months To End June 2018 – Revenue up 9%, Underlying PBT up 50% with a reported Loss of -£1.7m (-£1.6m last time). Underlying Basic EPS is up 70% to 4.3p. Current year is currently trading in-line.

Too much of a mixture here for me at present, Revenue up, Underlying PBT and EPS up but a Loss reported. I have to remain Neutral until the picture becomes a little clearer for my simple mind.

YouGov (YOU) – 472p – £490.5m – PER 28.5

Preliminary Results For The 12 Months To End July 2018 – Revenue up 9% to £116.6m (12% CC), Adjusted PBT up 42% to £23.3m and Adjusted EPS up 52% to 16.6p. Net Cash of £30.6m (2017: £23.2m) and the Dividend is up 50% to 3.0p.

I remain Neutral (even though there’s probably still value here) having acknowledged I called this wrong well over a year ago.

Robert Walters (RWA) – 640p – £482.8m – PER 13.2

Q3 Trading Update – Net Fee income up 13% (CC), confident FY will be in-line.

Probably fairly priced around this level for me – I am Neutral.

Castleton Technology (CTP) – 100.5p – £81.7m – PER 16.5

Trading Update For The 6 Months To End September 2018 – In-line.

I like this company but at present I see it as fairly priced.

Stock Spirits (STCK) – 200p – £400.0m – PER 12.8

Trading Update For The 9 Months To End September 2018 – In-line.

I still can’t really make up my mind here – Could this be big or is it going sideways/nowhere? I will remain Neutral having more of a gut feel for the latter at the moment.

As always, all comment most welcome!

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