Morning Brief – 6-Feb-2018

Morning Brief Images 6-Feb-2018

UK Stock Market News Today – 6-Feb-2018

Morning All!

Amino Technologies (AMO) – 198p – £143.8m – PER 14.1

Results For The 12 Months To End November 2017 –  Results in line with market expectations (it’s the same as last year), increased gross margins mean PBT of £11.2m (up 10%) and the Dividend isup 10%. Confident for 2018 and beyond (aren’t we all!).

Stockopedia still likes this a lot, with a StockRank of 97. It remains on my Watchlist at 180p.

RM (RM.) – 187.5p – £155.0m – PER 8.50

Results For The 12 Months To End November 2017 –  Revenue up 11% to £185.9m, Adjusted Operating Margins up 11.9% and PBT up 10.3% to £12.9m (2016: £11.6m). Net debt is £13.4m (2016: Net Cash of £40.0m) following an acquisition. Pension Deficit down to £20.2m (2016: £34.8m) and the FY Dividend is up 10% to 6.60p.

Still like this and it remains on my Watchlist at 165p.

Mattioli Woods (MTW) – 770p – £200.8m – PER 19.8

Interim Results For The 6 Months To End November 2017 –  Revenue is up 16.9% to £28.4m (1H17: £24.3m), Adjusted EPS is up 15.0% to 19.2p (1H17: 16.7p), EBITDA is up 23.9% and the Interim Dividend is up 17.0% to 5.5p per share (1H17: 4.7 pence). Net Cash £14.8m, £22,6m last time. Outlook is in-line with the Board’s expectations.

Impressive enough and ticks quite a few of my boxes. However, with plenty going on in the general markets I will remain on the side-lines for now.

Numis (NUM) – 326p – £351.8m – PER 11.9

Trading Update For The Period From 1 October 2017 – “A very strong start to the year, with revenues significantly ahead of the comparable period last year” and the current pipeline is promising although conversion will of course be dependent on favourable market conditions.

Still like this, it remains on my Watchlist, 310p.

Air Partner (AIR) – 137.5p – £71.8m – PER 15.8

Trading Update For The 12 Months To End January 2018 – Expectations of PBT of at least £6.4m remains unchanged. That’s it.

Not exactly inspiring but I hold and will continue to do so for now.

Walker Greenback (WGB) – 130p – £92.2m – PER 8.68

Trading Update For The 12 Months To End January 2018 – In-line with the Board’s expectations. Looks like decent all round Revenue growth of 15%+. There’s no mention of profit here though, assume it’s covered by “In-line with the Board’s expectations”.

This is going on my Watchlist at 130p but not sure I will be a buyer today.

Christie (CTG) – 113p – £30.0m – PER 8.50

Trading Update – H2 2017 trading on-line with the Board’s expectations (stronger than H1) and 2017 FY results are expected to represent a significant improvement on the previous year.

Looks OK apart from what seems like a £20m or so Pension Deficit. Not for me at present.

A good day to all, not a time for me to be using my Cash yet!

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