Morning Brief – 25-May-2018

Morning Brief Images 25-May-2018

UK Stock Market News Today – 25-May-2018

Morning all!

Volvere (VLE) – 975p – £35.8m – PER 25.4

Results For The 12 Months To End December 2017 –  Record Revenue and PBT of £43.4m (2016: £33.0m) and £3.5m (2016: £2.0m) respectively – EPS up from, 32.6p to 56.4p. Looking forward to an encouraging 2018, lots of cash and will probably buy back more shares (£3m+ bought back in 2017).

Bought in here just yesterday ahead of these results, expecting them to be at least in-line. These seem (much) better than in-line. If there is a concern it’s perhaps that they need to put that cash to work (hopefully on new companies). The 3 companies (all profitable but only one of them growing) currently on the books don’t seem exactly inspiring – Auto business (the main leader which probably justifies Volveres current rating on its own) has had a great year and looks like it should be OK (don’t expect this years stellar growth to be repeated, but who knows), Food business not so sure about (although spending on equipment (quite a lot (£1m)) is in progress, to increase margins) and the Security business also doesn’t look too great (looking to licensing). I will continue to hold for now with a keen interest on how these 3 companies perform and how that cash is deployed.

As always, all comment most welcome!

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