Morning Brief – 24-Jul-2018

Morning Brief Images 24-Jul-2018

UK Stock Market News Today – 24-Jul-2018

Morning all!

Fulham Shore (FUL) – 10.15p – £58.0m – PER 14.5

Results For The 12 Months To 25th March 2018 – This looks like a miss with Revenue below forecasts (on Stockopedia) and a small Loss rather than a small Profit.

Not sure we’ve seen the bottom here yet, I remain on the side-lines.

Centaur Media (CAU) – 48.35p – £69.8m – PER 13.5

Interim Results For The 6 Months To End June 2018 – Expects to meet FY earnings growth. Revenue is up here 14.5% and there’s a Profit (+£0.5m) versus a Loss of -£0.9m last time.

Based on these results and the figures I am looking at on Stockopedia right now I have no idea about this. With sideways price action I will just be lazy and remain Neutral for now.

Gresham Technologies (GHT) – 157.5p – £106.7m – PER 23.1

Results For The 6 Months To End June 2018 – Confirmation that Revenue is down 5% and EBITDA is down a whopping 80% – Expecting a strong H2 (yeah right!).

Nothing to do but remain Neutral here – I do wonder who is paying up here on a PER of 20+.

Huntsworth (HNT) – 132.5p – £438.9m – PER 18.1

Interim Results For The 6 Months To End June 2018 – Revenue up 8% to £102.2m with PBT up 9% to £11m, EPS is up 11% and the Interim Dividend is up 27%.

I am Long here and would have liked to have seen a little more progress than this. Quite wary that of this statement “Board remains confident in the full year outcome” as it does not mention expectations at all. The Dividend increase seems like a sweetener here and although I am Long I will keep a close eye on the market reaction here this morning and the days ahead.

Science (SAG) – 240p – £96.0m – PER 15.8

Interim Results For The 6 Months To End June 2018 – In-line with Revenue up over 30%, PBT up 10% and EPS up 15%.

Still quite like this but just not enough – I remain Neutral for now.

Motorpoint (MOTR) – 240p – £235.5m – PER 12.1

AGM Trading Update – Confident of delivery FY in-line with management expectations (of course there’s zero mention of what they are).

There’s still quite a lot to like here but enough not to like too – Such as that Net Debt (it’s quite large) and the Operating Margin (it’s very thin) – I remain Neutral.

XLMedia (XLM) – 105.25p – £231.9m – PER 9.79

Trading Update For The 6 Months To End June 2018 – In-line.

50% of it’s highs, having sold out in May (being 20% or so of it’s all time highs) I am still not attracted back in here.

Learning Technologies (LTG) – 108p – £719.0m – PER 38.6

Trading Update For The 6 Months To End June 2018 – In-line.

I am Long here from when it was <£500m Market Cap and based on this update and forecasts I remain so.

Netcall (NET) – 74.75p – £106.9m – PER 28.8

Trading Update For The 12 Months To End June 2018 – I can’t work out if this is good news or bad news but it’s been a “transformational year” with EBITDA up 20%.

It’s on my Watchlist at 45p from earlier in the year so obviously missed the boat here. I will leave it there for now and ensure I do a little more research ahead of those actual results.

As always, all comment most welcome!

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