Monthly Recap – July 2018

Monthly Recap Image July 2018

June Buys And Sells…

4 purchases and 1 sale this month, in order of execution…

Had my eye on IG Design (IGR) for a while (after it met my technical screen) and finally bought in on the 1-Jun-2018. FY Results on 11-Jun-2018 confirmed Revenue up 5%, Underlying PBT up 32%, Fully diluted EPS up 37% and the FY Dividend up 33%. The outlook was “We are delighted to report that 2017/18 has seen our well-diversified business deliver a very successful overall performance, but more importantly, on-going momentum and opportunity for 2018/19 and beyond”.

Missed the boat on Elecosoft (ELCO) quite a few times. I decided to pay up on 1-Jun-2018 after a Trading Update on the 17-May-2018 confirmed Revenue up 7% with PBT significantly higher and in-line with market expectations.

Also on 1-Jun-2018 I bought into Ten Entertainment (TEG). With actual growth in EPS of +85.4% in 2017 and +53.2% and +18.6% forecast for 2018 and 2019 on a PER of 13 it just seemed good value. Add to this ROCE of 16%, Operating Margin of 13%, a reasonably well covered 4% or so yield and hardly any Debt – Was quite an easy decision.

My final purchase in June was also on the 1st of the month, Filta Group (FLTA). Even on a PER of 20+ there was a lot to like here with EPS turning positive again in 2017 and forecast for +189% and +22% (2018, 2019). ROCE and Operating Margin are great, there’s cash and broker EPS upgrades too.

Just the one sale as I sold out of Eckoh (ECK), quite a quick decision for me having only bought the previous month. Although it reported FY Results on 13-Jun-2018 in-line they were behind those (which I expected and based my buying in decision on) forecast on Stockopedia.

Buy Date Stock Code Buy Price Sell Price Sell Date % Movement
1-Jun-18 IGR 450.00
1-Jun-18 ELCO 85.93
1-Jun-18 TEG 259.98
1-Jun-18 FLTA 210.00
14-May-18 ECK 44.31 39.15 13-Jun-18 -12%
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