Monthly Recap – February 2019

Monthly Recap Image February 2019

January Buys And Sells…

As always, this is a recap of my trading activity from the previous month.

Note: Most of my trading activity is a based on the analysis from my Parity PEG Price Reports.


Each month I analyse at least 20 stocks in a Monthly Parity PEG Price Report. The report usually includes coverage of any stocks I have traded (bought or sold) that month – Those detailed here.

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It’s been a quiet month, in fact it was almost trade free! My only trade came on the last trading day of the month…

On the 31st of January I bought into Elektron Technology (EKT). This had been on my radar since Q4 2018. It pops up on my Standard Tech Screen now and again and I already quite liked the fundamentals. As well as the growth potential, there’s Net Cash, the ROCE is great at 20%+ and the Op. Margin, for the Industry, is also quite decent (10%+). I know the PER is quite racy but so is the forecast growth. I guess any disappointment against forecast could spell bad news though!

I remain just over 25% in Cash.

Buy Date Stock Code Buy Price Sell Price Sell Date % Movement
31-Jan-19 EKT 46.00      

Parity PEG Price Report For Elecktron Technology (EKT)


For the reasoning behind the Parity PEG Price Report and access to 20 of them every month (including most or all of those I have traded) – You can find details here.

PS – I am sorry this post is late in the month, I just wanted to include the report above as well as some half decent documentation for it.

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