Monthly Recap – February 2018

Monthly Recap Image February 2018

January Buys And Sells…

Took another nibble at RBG on the basis pubs seem to have done well over Christmas and it’s still a potential bid target.

Sold out of CNCT after it took a hit. The trading update didn’t seem too bad but the fact the book division would not be sold did not go down well.

I was in QXT for its exposure to on-line gaming (it makes and sells high spec gaming pc’s). Just decided it wasn’t doing much and that it probably wasn’t the best area to get exposure. Took a small loss.

Buy Date Stock Code Buy Price Sell Price Sell Date % Movement
8-Jan-18 RBG 155.25
26-Oct-17 CNCT 95.00 74.76 22-Jan-18 -21%
23-Aug-17 QXT 447.50 434.80 24-Jan-18 -3%


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