Parity PEG Price Report Session

This is a private 1 on 1 screen share session via Skype where you can…

  • Better understand the Parity PEG Price Report process
  • Discuss the stocks in this months report
  • And/or choose your own stocks (UK stocks only) to discuss

I started sharing my Monthly Parity PEG Price Reports in 2019. I soon started receiving many emails with…

  • Questions about the approach
  • Questions about the stocks covered
  • Requests for my view of stocks not covered
  • Etc.

So, I decided to set up these private 1 on 1 screen share sessions via Skype.

I didn’t expect to receive so many emails and I realise now I should probably better document the process in a book. Perhaps I will produce a series of videos. However, for now, I have decided to commit to 2 of these private 1 hour sessions a week.

The price of each session is £50 inc. VAT and if you are interested please use the payment button below…

If you have any questions before booking a slot then please just use the same Contact form.