Loungers (LGRS)

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A UK based company that is an operator of cafe and restaurants under the Lounge and Cosy Club brands

28-Aug-2019 – 206p – £190m – PER 21

Results For The 12 Months To End 21st April 2019 – Revenue up 26.4% (LFL 6.9%), Operating Profit up 23.3%. Trading this year has started in-line as “we continue to outperform the wider hospitality market”.

First coverage here for me and looks OK for a recent IPO currently trading below it’s issue price – I personally will wait to see next years numbers before taking any stronger view here.

16-Oct-2019 – 199p – £185m – PER 21

Interim Results For The 6 Months To End June 2019 – Revenue up 22% (5.4% LFL), well placed to continue to outperform the market.

A recent IPO currently trading well below it’s issue price – I would suggest without any guidance on FY or mention of Profit, it will remain that way for now.

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