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Formerly St Ives (SIV) – The international marketing services group.


Full Year Results For The Year Ended 28 July 2017 – Ouch! Revenues up 7% but Profits clobbered with the Loss Before Tax up from -£5.7m last time to -£44.1m this time. Dividend slashed.

Surely this update will be a set back to the price (or was the market expecting this!), which is up more than double from it’s lows – Following a profit warning at the beginning of the year (which knocked over 70% of the then price).

30-Nov-2017 – 74p – £105.6m – PER 5.85

Trading Update (For The 3 Months To 3 November) – Trading ahead of managements expectations, Revenue running 4% ahead of the equivalent period last year.

It’s cheap for sure but amongst other things, the Net Debt here (£54.6m, over 50% of Mkt Cap) just makes me want to steer clear. I also believe there’s a reasonable sized Pension deficit but have not had time to look into this.

7-Mar-2018 – 74.2p – £105.9m – PER 5.64

Results For The 27 Weeks To 2 February 2018 – Revenue up 7% with a Statutory Loss Before Tax of -£15.0m (-£3.1m last time).

Net Debt is down but at £42.2m (with a Pension Deficit of £15.8m) that’s a sizeable chuck of worry. I will not be investing here at present.

16-Aug-2018 – 95.55p – £146.5m – PER 9.10

Year End Trading Update To 3rd August 2018 – PBT to be at the upper end of expectations with a solid base going into the new financial year.

Nice update but not enough here to change my Neutral stance.

9-Oct-2018 – 101p – £156.4m – PER 9.74

Preliminary Results For The 53 Weeks To 3rd August 2018 – Revenue up 9% from continuing operations (11% CC), Adjusted PBT up 38%, Net Debt down 50% to £26.0m and the Pension scheme now in small surplus of £1.9m (2017: deficit of £16.0m). So far, trading this year has been in-line with expectations.

This looks more interesting and although I remain Neutral for now I think I will have a closer look – Can’t decide if Kin And Carta is a better name than St Ives or not!

14-Feb-2019 – 94.7p – £145m – PER 9

Trading Update For The 6 Months To End January 2019 – Trading has been in-line (Revenue the same as last year). Made a Profit of £2m on a property sale, Net Debt is £33m (so it should be put to good use).

I just don’t see a good enough reason to invest here at present AND I don’t quite like the fact trading has been in-line in H1 (same as last year) with no reference to the FY.

14-Mar-2019 – 94p – £144m – PER 8.8

Interim Results For The Period From 4th August 2018 To 31st January 2019 – “Pillars” struggling it seems, Revenue down -5%, PBT down -4% and EPS down -9%. Net Debt stands at £33.3m. On track to meet the Board’s FY expectations for Adjusted PBT.

I still can’t justify looking into this in any more detail at present.

20-Aug-2019 – 95p – £146m – PER 8.4

Trading Update For The 12 Months To End July 2019 – PBT to be marginally lower than market expectations but lots of innovation, investment, transformation, strategy and of course “pillars”.

I no more interested in this this morning as I was yesterday.

2-Oct-2019 – 81p – £124m – PER 9

Results For The 12 Months To End July 2019 – Revenue, Adjusted PBT and EPS all down slightly, Net Debt up a lot to £38.4m (£26m), FY Dividend maintained at 1.95p.

No reason for me to look any further here at present.

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