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Operator of 5-a-side soccer centers across approximately 50 centers in the United Kingdom and 3 in the United States.

22-Jan-2018 – 77p – £57.9m – PER 9.43

Trading Update For The 12 Months To End December 2017 – Sales flat and the Board anticipates profits for 2017 will be broadly in line with the lower end of market expectations. The search for a new CEO is at an advanced stage.

Hardly inspiring stuff!

13-Mar-2018 – 65.5p – £49.3m – PER 8.97

Final Results For The 12 Months To End December 2017 – Revenue down slightly to £33.1m (£33.0m last time) with Underlying PBT of £6.2m (£7.7m last time) and Underlying Diluted EPS is 6.3p (9.7p last time). Net Debt is £29.8m (£24.1m last time).

I just can’t get enthused here at all.

10-May-2018 – 88.75p – £66.8m – PER 11.7

AGM Statement – Affected by snow, first 18 LFL sales down 1.9%.

Up nicely in the past couple of months but I will await results to see how the actuals are doing here.

19-Jul-2018 – 86.5p – £65.1m – PER 11.2

Trading Update For H1 2018 – Ouch! Expects H2 to benefit from the investment programme that has been undertaken but results for the FY are expected to be materially below market expectations, due to the impacts of the extreme weather in H1.

Like the concept but that’s not a valid investment case – I am staying away here, I remain Neutral.

8-Mar-2019 – 56p – £42m – PER 9.8

Trading Update – Ouch! New auditors, accounting errors, reviewing practices, FY results to be materially below, covenants exceeded – First 2 months of the year strong with a LFL increase (how the hell do they know!).

This is going on my Avoid list for now.

2-Aug-2019 – 27p – £0m – PER n/a

Update – “The Directors … no longer expect the ordinary shares in the Company to resume trading”.

Looks like the end here!

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