FFI Holdings (FFI)

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A UK based company engaged in providing contracts to financiers of film and television productions – Also provides post-production equipment and services for the entertainment industry.

31-Aug-2018 – 69p – £108.9m – PER 8.57

Preliminary Results For The 12 Months To End March 2018 – Revenue up 51.7% to $58.9m (FY 2017: $38.8m), PBT $5.3m (down 48.8% (FY 2017: $10.3m)), Net Cash of $19.4m (at 31 March 2018). Expects Underlying EBIT of $20m – $22m in FY to end March 2019. Underlying EBIT was $16.6m this year (up 30.3% (FY 2017: $12.7m)).

Honestly, this is just too complicated for me. I have no idea if these results are good or bad – EBIT this and EBIT that, I am going to cease coverage for now.

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