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25-Jan-2018 – 535p – £148.9m – PER 10.1

Results For The 6 Months To End December 2017 – Nice all round increases, 12% increase in Revenue to €256.7m, PBT of €9.0m (up 11%) and EPS up 15% to 26.4c. The Interim Dividend is up10% to 6.35c per share. Recent tender offer also seen the share capital reduced by about 12%.

Fundamentally there’s a lot to like here. My misgivings are I am not too keen on the outlook for the sector at present (just a little too much uncertainty) and secondly, I am not so sure these latest figures (based on a quick comparison with Stockopedia) are a bit of a miss (a small one though) but I cannot find any reference to in-line or expectations.

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