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Manolete Partners MANO Logo

Manolete Partners (MANO)

 A UK based company that invests in insolvency and insolvency-related claims, engaged in acquiring and funding insolvency litigation financing 27-Jun-2019 – 527p – £229m –...
Frontier IP FIPP Logo

Frontier IP (FIPP)

A UK based company, which focuses on the commercialisation of Intellectual Property (IP) with a focus on building a portfolio of companies through establishing...
Duke Royalty DUKE Logo

Duke Royalty (DUKE)

A Guernsey based royalty investment company which specialises in diversified royalty financing and provides alternative capital solutions to a range of businesses in Europe...
AFH Financial AFHP Logo

AFH Financial (AFHP)

An Independent Financial Advisor and Discretionary Investment Manager, a financial planning led wealth management firm. 24-Sep-2018 – 402p – £152.5m – PER 14.7 Bought in here, no...
Scientific Digital Imaging SDI Logo

Scientific Digital Imaging (SDI)

Designs and manufactures scientific and technology products for use in applications, including life sciences, healthcare, astronomy, consumer manufacturing and art conservation from 2.75% to...
SimplyBiz SBIZ Logo

SimplyBiz (SBIZ)

A UK based company which provides business support and financial market services 17-Jul-2018 – 184.99p – £141.5m – PER 15.7 Trading Update For The 6 Months To...
Boku Inc BOKU Logo

Boku Inc (BOKU)

A carrier billing company allowing payments from virtually any mobile phone in the world. 5-Jul-2018 – 115.5p – £247.1m – PER 99.0 Trading Update For The...


AIM-listed specialist bank 2-Mar-2018 – 29.78p – £63.2m – PER 12.3 AGM Trading Statement – First 5 months, strong and in-line – Quite a positive update and...
Elektron Technology EKT Logo

Elektron Technology (EKT)

Engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing products that connect, monitor and control, operating in two segments: Connectivity, and Instrumentation, Monitoring and Control (IMC). 8-Feb-2018 –...
Mission Marketing TMMG Logo

Mission Marketing (TMMG)

The technology-embraced marketing communications and advertising group. 25-Jan-2018 – 45.48p – £38.3m – PER 5.79 Trading Update For The 12 Months To End December 2017 – In-line, Revenue up 6%...