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Companies On My Avoid List

Andrews Sykes (ASY)

Engaged in hiring, selling and installing of a range of equipment, including pumping, portable heating, air conditioning, drying and ventilation equipment. 10-May-2019 – 580p –...
Alfa Financial Software ALFA Logo

Alfa Financial Software (ALFA)

Developer of Alfa Systems, a mission-critical software platform purpose-built for the asset finance industry 7-Mar-2019 – 123p – £370m – PER 19.7 Results For The 12...
Premaitha Health NIPT Logo

Premaitha Health (NIPT)

Engaged in molecular diagnostics business for research into, and the development and commercialisation of gene analysis techniques for pre-natal screening and other clinical applications...
Anexo ANX Logo

Anexo (ANX)

A UK company focused on providing replacement vehicles and associated legal services to people who have been involved in a non-fault accident. 12-Sep-2018 – 115p...
FFI Holdings FFI Logo

FFI Holdings (FFI)

A UK based company engaged in providing contracts to financiers of film and television productions - Also provides post-production equipment and services for the...
Angle AGL Logo

Angle (AGL)

A holding company whose principal activity is undertaken in relation to the commercialization of its Parsortix cell separation system, with deployment in non-invasive cancer...
Pressure Technologies PRES Logo

Pressure Technologies (PRES)

A holding company engaged in the design, manufacture and reconditioning of seamless high pressure gas cylinders. 30-May-2018 – 186p – £34.6m – PER 11.4 Tradiing Update...
M P Evans MPE Logo

M P Evans (MPE)

Producer of sustainable Indonesian palm oil. 10-Apr-2018 – 744p – £407.8m – PER 22.1 Results For The 12 Months To End December 2017 – The highlight is...
Northgate NTG Logo

Northgate (NTG)

The UK, Spain and Ireland's leading specialist in light commercial vehicle hire. 22-Feb-2018 – 351p – £482.3m – PER 7.98 Q3 Trading Update – A load of...
Laura Ashley Holdings ALY Logo

Laura Ashley Holdings (ALY)

Engaged in designing and manufacturing products for home and fashion. 15-Feb-2018 – 6.1p – £44.4m – PER 5.95 Interim Results For The 6 Months To End...