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An integrated support services company.

17-Nov-2017 – 41.5p – £178.6m – PER 1.99

Covenants Deferral – Test date extended from December 2017 to April 2018.

At least they seem to have the backing of the major stakeholders (and the banks), guess they don’t have much choice! I hope for a happy outcome here but I won’t be backing it.

22-Dec-2017 – 17.25p – £74.2m – PER 0.79

Update On Financial Covenant Deferral – A little more breathing room with support from the major stakeholders (and the banks).

Still got my fingers crossed for a happy outcome for holders here – But I will not be considering joining them.

15-Jan-2018 – 14.2p – £61.1m – PER 0.68

Compulsory Liquidation – The news many were expecting!

Seems like having your fingers crossed does little to warrant a happy outcome for holders here. Hopefully the impact on those involved will be handled appropriately.

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