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The franchised motor retailer.

22-Nov-2017 – 62p – £62m – PER 7.52

Full Results For The Year To End August 2017 – “Solid results in Group’s 11th year of trading, continued strategic progress”. Revenue is up 4.9% and PBT is up 6.6%. This growth seems to have come not from sales (which are down) but from “aftersales”.

I think this is of interest to those with a faith in the sector.

4-Jan-2018 – 61p – £61.0m – PER 7.06

Franchising Developments And AGM Trading Update – New higher end franchises progressing, trading in-line. Actual sales down, supported by after sales. Outlook is, as one would expect, cautious.

Still maintain that this is one for those with faith in the sector. I guess, those with a belief that it has, perhaps, bottomed.

8-May-2018 – 61p – £61.0m – PER 7.88

Unaudited Interim Results For The 6 Months To End February 2018 – In-line but doesn’t look like it – Here’s the spiel “Cambria will maintain its momentum in the second half and deliver a financial performance in line with market expectations for the year as a whole”.

Still going to remain Neutral here.

4-Jan-2019 – 54.5p – £54.5m – PER 6.8

AGM Trading Update For Q1 – In-line with the Board’s expectations.

It’s cheap but so is the whole sector. Still not tempted into this sector yet as they all cite caution regarding Brexit (sorry to have to use that word, but it’s true!).

6-Mar-2019 – 65p – £65m – PER 8

Trading Update For The 5 Months To End January 2019 – Ahead of the corresponding period last year – No firm guidance on FY.

Still seems too much caution round this sector (Br**it) but doesn’t seem to be “blood on the streets yet”. I remain on the side-lines in relation to the sector in general at present.

9-May-2019 – 60p – £60m – PER 7.3

Unaudited Interim Results For The 6 Months To End February 2019 – Revenue up 4.5%, Underlying PBT up 14.6% and Underlying UPS up 18.1%, the Interim Dividend is maintained (at 0.25p). All looks to be supported by aftersales. Expects FY to be ahead of current market expectations.

This would be more interesting if it wasn’t seemingly supported mainly by aftersales. Will keep a keener eye here now though (and on the sector in general).

4-Sep-2019 – 53p – £53m – PER 5.8

Trading Update For The 11 Months To End July 2019 – FY to be ahead of current market expectations.

Nice to see but I am still a little too cautious on the sector to consider buying in here just yet.

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