Investing my own money for over 20 years.

No idea of my average annual return but I reckon it’s OK as I am still going and going strong.

The reason I have been unable to specifically measure my performance has been due to many factors…

  • Taking out money for property purchases (3 times)
  • Taking money out for a divorce payment (just the once)
  • Relocation (twice) where I partially moved into passive ETF’s
  • Addition to the family, where again I partially moved into passive ETF’s
  • A year of travelling

(And because at times I just couldn’t be bothered as I was partying)

With none of the above events planned (in the foreseeable future) I hope to, from now on, be able to better monitor and report on my annual performance. In fact that was part of the reason for starting this website. The main reason was to make me more disciplined on monitoring the morning news and producing a report that I and others could use to take action on.

The site also serves a purpose for me as a record of all my previous comments on each stock in my universe.

I intend at some stage to document my approach, it’s work in progress. For now I will be producing my morning reports on a Daily basis, updating each individual stock and, on a monthly basis, document my Buys and Sells.

If you wish to contact me you can do so here – I reply to every email, usually within 24 hours. You can also follow me on Twitter here.

PLEASE PLEASE never ask me to comment on a particular share. Almost every share I have an interest or opinion on is covered on the website.