I have been investing my own money for over 30 years.

I did not specifically measure my performance until 2021 due to many factors…

  • Taking out money for property purchases (3 times)
  • Taking money out for a divorce payment (just the once)
  • Relocation (twice) where I partially moved into passive ETF’s
  • Addition to the family, where I again moved mostly into passive ETF’s
  • A year of travelling, moved into cash

(However, the real reason was that I just didn’t need to or want to, and I generally couldn’t be bothered)

Now, being a little older, a little more disciplined and responsible, and a little more competitive (thanks Twitter!), since 2021 I now monitor my performance on an annual basis.

I intend to document my approach one day (it’s not rocket science, just some quite basic rules), it’s work in progress. In the meantime I will be producing my weekly content.

If you wish to contact me you can do so here – I reply to every email, usually within 24 hours. You can also follow me on Twitter here.

Annual performance from 2021…

  • 2021 = +21.8%